Slow Solar Cooker
Solvej Solvej is a slow solar cooker. It is foldable, portable, and quick to set up in seconds to enjoy cooking with only the power of the sun. Cooking with the sun is a proven idea, thus not common in today's urban living. Solvej elevates the cooking experience via a stylish cooker to cook at home or on the go. For more oven estate, two Solvejs can be combined. The profit goes to NGOs for developing solar cookers in refugee camps.
Solvej comes with a set of collapsible sun-ready pots.
Solvej consists of a single sheet of PVC to be cut from a simple template and can be featured in an open-source format for refugee camps. Cooking with Solvej has no emissions. Slow-cook your next meal for 3 hours at 120C without the risk of fire, overcooking, or burning food.