Design is a process
As every project is unique and has never been done before, the first thing to design is the design process. By using a design-thinking mindset, the project is about improving life by framing what problems to solve and why. 

To design for the future, trends and technology can be forecasted into the future to predict scenarios. But design can backcast an inner voice of how we would like the future to be, and then work in steps towards it.
Formgive the story of the product
I strive to design products with a unique reason to exist. To tell this story, my process considers storytelling, user-experience, and problem-solving. Design must add function, social good, and sustainable initiatives. 
How to innovate
Design is the interplay between human life and new possibilities. 
When nothing more or less can be added to a product without causing a decline, it has reached its final form (until new technology emerges or new cultural currents starts).