Memories from the Future
Memories from the Future is a series of concepts aimed at portraying an optimistic vision of future life, showcasing the green transition, digital experiences, and joyful ideas.
Digitalizing CO2
The invisible challenge visible
All we humans do seems to emit vast amounts of carbon and threaten mass distinction, although it does not seem to be a problem. Maybe because we can not see it?
Digitalizing CO2 seeks to demystify carbon emissions by visualizing it via camera recordings with special UV filters that can capture the emissions. The live recordings are embedded into everyday object installations around the city where emissions occur as visual experiences, making the problem an art installation rather than pointing fingers at the problem.
Real-life, real-time experience
Carbon emissions can not be seen, smelled, or heard. Can someone please show me it exists?
Teledyne Flir in the US has developed a Filter for UV cameras that can see CO2 gasses being emitted. I seek to embed this technology into everyday objects within carbon-emitting environments, as a live experience of our unseen world.  
CO2 as an art form
The result is not to point fingers, but to make the invisible challenge visible. It allows us to see science in real life, now framed and exhibited in digital canvases around the city.

Google Street View could be equipped with this technology, logging humanity's story of the green transition. 
Digital Urbanism 
Reskin the world 
Digital Urbanism is an idea of how live AI filters embedded in "the future of XR" can transform the real world around us into custom digital experiences.
"It is summer, but I want winter"
"I am in Copenhagen, but I miss being in Shanghai"
"I love Brutalist architecture"
Form follows AI
Plain boxes could be the best type of physical shape for architecture in the future, as it works as a clear canvas for AI filters to display custom digital forms.

With Digital Urbanism we can create even more exciting and ever-changing architecture as there is no limit in the digital world.
The digital house 
The world's first house whose physical exterior is formed to be read by an AI for digital overlays.
Sunrise jacket
What if you could wear a sunrise? 
Sol is a sunrise jacket, woven with optic fibers into a translucent mesh. The jacket lights up, mimicking the colorful, saturated hues of a sunrise.
Weave of light
The sunrise is a breathtaking moment, marking the beginning of life, and showing a new day. Wearing a sunrise would be the ultimate joyful and soul-warming experience.
Art Mills
Community-driven green energy
Europe aims to install hundreds of thousands of wind turbines within the next 25 years in pursuit of carbon neutrality.
Wind turbines are essential, can they also be a positive experience given their proliferation? For widespread acceptance, windmills should be aesthetically pleasing and integrated into local communities to create new experiences and community spaces, offering more than just green energy.
"Yes in my backyard"-experience
Wind turbines can create a local transformation. What if they were recreational areas, observation towers, and community centers for the local area? Imagine having access to a banquet hall at 200 meters height. Then no one would complain.
Renewable energy, renewable materials
Windmills come with a high footprint due to carbon-heavy manufacturing and have a negative social impact on the neighborhood. The wind turbine itself should be sustainable, like an architectural attraction made of wood that fits the local area
Poetic infrastructure 
The enormous amount of offshore wind farms installed in 2050 could transform our coastlines into vibrant communities, showcasing renewable energy as both essential and enjoyable. Imagine wind turbines becoming social hubs, offering a blend of leisure activities atop colossal offshore structures. They could be climate-resilient housing or retreats, offering solitude or luxury accommodations.
Lokal Wind
Energy kites as part of the local landscape
Kites harness wind energy at high altitudes inaccessible to windmills, staying airborne for days. Observing the broader planetary context, Lokal Wind has the potential to give back more than it takes, benefiting power production, environmental preservation, and human enjoyment.
Renewable energy must be pleasing to gain widespread acceptance. Lokal Wind has a poetic and aesthetic appearance, embedded into the local community for a human-near experience.
Bio Byte
Plant-based hard drive

Bio Byte is a digital plant drive. Using genetic modification technology, the binary computer storage system translates into nature's storage system, DNA, a system highly optimized for data storage. Bio Byte is parametrically designed, utilizing 3D printing to mirror the plant's growth pattern. The plant drive requires nurturing to maintain the stored files, fostering a new interaction between humans and nature.
Can straw as a functional and regenerative material shape the future of furniture production?
(Tæk [Pronouced Tech], Danish for thatch)
Tækknology brings thatching to the people and into the future. The starting point is two urban pieces of furniture made of thatch. Each represents their side of a humble battle between traditional craftsmanship and technology-driven design. One piece of furniture is crafted using traditional thatching techniques; another explores digital tools with computer-controlled machinery.
In collaboration: Laura  Ebbesen, Anne Rebbestad, Tiril Breili
Straw is a local, carbon-negative, and regenerative material. Can straw become a material for the future of sustainable design? Digital manufacturing can introduce new shapes, impossible to achieve through craftsmanship, or is the traditional way optimum for this material?