Grid on Wheels.
Driving hydrogen Vehicle-t-Grid power
Grid on Wheels is a vision for a new Scandinavian auto-maker offering smart grids via a flagship car with Vehicle-t-Grid. The car is designed around hydrogen gear and semi-autonomous hardware with a form language that communicates “hydrogen”.
Guidance and research in V-t-G from TU Delft University, Netherlands
This car runs on water (hydrogen) can supply your home (Vehicle-t-Grid) with electricity, heat, water, and air – CO2-free.

We can cover our energy needs by storing renewables as hydrogen. By using hydrogen cars, the tank and fuel cell inside the car can store hydrogen and produce electricity. Cutting a big problem of storing and producing electricity into handy sizes.

Delft University of Technology, Netherlands, has connected the world’s first hydrogen car to the grid. We have been in contact to design a car using this technology.